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Jesus, Teresa and Pope

Somebody told me this story about the three people we all know. Jesus the son of God and founder of Christianity, Teresa a well known nun who worked in India and later on spread her activities to other places popularly known as Mother Teresa and finally of course, the head of Vatican the town nation from where catholic church gives orders to its vast empire.

It was a time when Teresa was invited by the Pope for a private tea at the palace of the Pope in the Vatican. Teresa had accepted the invitation and only they were attending it in one of the beautiful rooms in the palace. While they were enjoying each other’s company and discussing matters of concern; Teresa was narrating to Pope various episodes of poverty, diseases and ignorance those she experienced while doing her work. Pope was enjoying her benevolent company and also was adding his expert comments in between to encourage her in her mission. The talk was going on quite pleasantly and there on the wall the Cross, with sculpture of Jesus nailed down to it firmly, a very frail corpse of Lord Jesus as it were, was placed firmly fixed on it at some height. Occasionally Teresa would look to it with utmost respect while she continued her narration. The party was going on and it happened! Lord Jesus might be listening to the talk of these two very distinguished personalities from that Christian world. The statue began to stir and it so appeared that the Lord Jesus was becoming alive in that statue. The body however frail had some strength and the nails on the palms and legs became loose and finally fell down making some grisly sound. At first, neither of the eminent persons noticed it but when Lord Jesus finally came in itself and moved his head, which was actually fixed by some nail which had eventually fallen down along with other nails, turned his eyes round and round and then fixed them on the couple. Now the Lord was standing on a small platform as it is always shown in such sculpture. He looked down and realized that the Cross was comfortably high up above the ground level but that was no problem for the Son of God. He magnificently took to air and flew down like a fairy; waving his both hands as if they were wings. The Cross was some distance away from the table where the couple was enjoying the tea and also the talk of poverty, misery and diseases in the world. The Lord Jesus with the gracious smile of compassion and love was now standing exactly behind Pope looking straight to Teresa. Teresa could not see him as he was accurately behind the big figure of Pope. Lord waited for some moments and kept listening to the complains, Teresa was making about the countries where she was working. Finally with the grace of God Jesus moved and came close to them, actually stood near the big table so that Pope and Teresa would see him.

On seeing him standing there right next to them, at the outset, both were perplexed as to how somebody could come in like that in this very, very private quarter. Soon they realize that it is Lord Jesus in person and they were shocked to get that apprehension. Nevertheless, soon both recovered. Pope looked back and came to know that the sculpture of the Lord has become alive. They bowed respectfully and stood speechless as one can understand what must have been the mental situation at such an experience.

Lord struggled to speak out some thing but excepting some hoarse sound nothing was audible but that was quite expected since it was a statue turned into the live person, the vocal code was not yet ready but after all it was God ordained and so soon the Son of God could speak some Hebrew. Pope being proficient in Hebrew could understand him and he told Teresa that the Lord wants to help them in their task in person.

Pretty surprising the Lord realized that the lingo he adopted was fairly outdated and before long he expressed himself in English. Now both could understand him and they offered him a chair, for that, Pope clapped his palms, and called his assistants who were standing out side that room and called for one more chair. Mother offered her chair to the lord and preferred to stand instead. They were now talking in English.

Lord Jesus explained to them that he was listening to their conversation and has understood how difficult it is to mend the human society in the world, every thing has gone wrong, gamblers have replaced true businessmen, thieves have replaced true rulers, goons have replaced true soldiers, saints are replaced by hypocrites and so working by true people has really become difficult and so he wants to do the work henceforth.

For a while both the eminent persons, The Pope and Teresa were listening to him, they were silent; after some shrewd thinking Pope, and Teresa jerked their shoulders in disapproval of Lord’s suggestion that he should take over the work. They looked to each other subtly and now Pope openly told the Lord that, Sire, you are very benevolent and kind in offering to help us but the circumstance suggests that it is not necessary. We can manage well without your help”.

To that, Teresa added, “We have been telling the faithful, that you are on the cross for the benefit of the down trodden and the unfortunate and now if you come out and move amongst people we will be proved wrong, I feel you are good on the cross, that is better”! She exclaimed.

Pope solemnly and immediately joined the tone of Teresa and told the Lord that Vaticonians are quite able to manage the show, since; most of the problems of this world are actually created only by us the priests of religion. All the gamblers who manage business, all the thieves who replaced rulers are our friends, all the goons are of our creation and as for saints well that is our own party. If you come all the game will be over and that is not proper. Remember my Sire, we priests forgive them on your behalf for all the sins they commit. Pope further added that we can work because there is misery if you come and remove all misery what work we shall have left to do?

Teresa looked around and as if she was witnessing something, moving her both hands around, told the Lord that the misery, poverty and the diseases are actually required to preach your message, if there is no poverty, no misery and no diseases we the Vaticonians will have no work to do. Look for Europe and the United States, there is no poverty, no misery, no disease, every body is happy and flush with money; see the Lord for yourself, there the church is empty. Nobody wants to go to the church, no services, no proper attendance and above all the worst part is that the faithful want to know about that dirty Hinduism loaded with those pagan gods, and we have to arrange for that! What a mess! Many clergy are already learning Yoga and Hindu penance, how horrible! All this is because we are not having enough of poverty, misery and diseases in those places. So my Lord, do not bother for that, we can manage the show well and keep just enough of poverty, misery and the diseases so that people will come to church and we preach your message. For example, see my lord the gamblers have ruined economy of America and people are in trouble so the attendance in the church has improved, that is how it works. These gamblers are actually helping the cause of our religion. So why complain against them, same with the thieves and the goons, they are a great help for the cause of the Vaticonia. She completed. Sire we should allow them what they do so that more people will attend church! Teresa was very vehement in her argument.

On hearing that Jesus showing dissatisfaction about the suggestion, exclaimed a little aloud, “It is not the Vaticonia I am talking about, it is the well being of the people at large”!

Pope added by interrupting, “It is not the God and his message we are now worried about, we are worried about the very existence of the great Vaticonia! For which we live and our business is to keep Vaticonia vibrant and very much alive whether by introducing surreptitiously Hinduism or else. All these things my Lord you shall not understand, so please forget about coming down and trying to alleviate the problems of this world. We are quite capable of that.

After that voice of Pope became somewhat hoarse there clearly appeared air of arrogance he added. "And now, you my Lord, know for sure you and your mother Mary, are our tools and nothing more than that, we the Vaticonians need you two only to garner the faithful since we cannot do it by ourselves”.

On that Teresa smirked. Grimaced at Jesus showing utter disgust. And then, Teresa groaned, “Please my lord be on the Cross and that is all you should do for us the Vaticonians”.

After listening to the complaining tone of the two veterans; Jesus asked, “Hinduism is also my creation and there is nothing wrong in taking to it when it helps my faithful, why you ,Teresa, complain about it. Actually, it is a good thing that what I forgot to tell, they are getting from the Hinduism. Why you make difference between my both gospels? My child, you have every right to benefit from my Hindu gospel and do not feel embarrassed about it. That should not be an issue! I do not understand you both. However, I am decided that I should move at once, again among the people whether poor, miserable or rich, they the rich also need my renewed guidance, in context of new scientific situation my faithful should know where exactly I fit in this modern scientific world. And I shall deliver using Hinduism as my new tool. So come on my trusted people, let us move out and commence the task”. Lord was almost about to move towards the door...

Seeing the doggedness of the Lord, Pope, shrewd as the Vaticonians always are, takes a quick decision, he clapped repeatedly and called his most trusted assistants. They come in and seeing the Lord Jesus in body and flesh, surprised, bow down but there the Pope in stern voice orders them to hold the Lord and commands them that they put him back on the Cross as he was before and put the nails as they were before and fix him as before. The assistants were initially reluctant to obey but they were servants of the Vaticonia first and faithful afterwards; one of them advanced and holding the Lord by one hand firmly dragged him to the Cross. The Lord remembered those heartrending moments when he was dragged by the roman soldiers almost two thousand years ago. The history was repeating but here it was his own Vaticonia putting him back on the Cross and not the Romans.

The Lord, Son of God was once again on the cross. The Pope and Teresa both looked quite relieved of the ordeal, Pope while cleaning his sweat said to Teresa, “It was close! We the Vaticonians must be very careful of this Jesus, if he tries to resurrect again we will be nowhere. We should call Satan to help in that case, Teresa blurts out exasperatedly.

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