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Advent of Indian National Congress - 2

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Over the period British had also found some special likings of natives. They had noticed that common man of India is deeply and very easily influenced by God-men or Sadhus. This showed to them that if they can appoint a so called Sadhu type fellow to lead Indian National Congress that will be convenient and situation can be eased out so that English officers will be able to work without fear of being lynched by violent freedom fighters. This man Gandhi was ready to perform as a Sadhu and by that the problem of British administration was finally solved. Gandhi became leader of Congress party and he very appropriately performed the role of a sadhu throughout the period and could fool natives for the benefit of British administration. Even though, most clear vision freedom fighters, like Savarkar were fully aware of the drama that the British Raj was playing with innocent and simpleton Indian; rest of people continue to believe in Gandhi's drama of sadhugiri. Most Indians, even most educated, were as expected, were following this Gandhi as their god sent leader. British further encourage press to show him as a Mahatma to Indian people; that further increased people's support to him. Every thing was going on as expected by the Viceroy of India and London office of Indian affairs. We notice from the pages of history that as Gandhi took over as leader of Indian people, killing of British officers came to end. People were more interested in the so-called non-violent movement; and British game was successful. In recent past we have seen one such god-man, Anna Hazare, how he became popular using the same formula as did Gandhi! Ramdev Yogi is next in line to use the same formula. It was clever of British that they had discovered this weakness of Indian people almost 150 years ago, that shows how clever they were!

Gandhi was helping British Raj in doing whatever they wanted to do with Indians and their money. There are several occasion where we see that Gandhi was in actual parlance with then British officers and he helped them in their work even in things those were against the interest of Indian people. However, as we know we Indian are fond of Sadhus, we did not take cognizance of those things. Gandhi formed Ashrams and many such ploys to fool people further and that gave further proof of him being a Mahatma; the drama was going on very superbly. Finally, we got freedom because as the then British PM has declared in his speech in British parliament, he told the parliament that since Indian Army and Navy are no more loyal to the Crown it is time that we release this country before we are thrown out by any army general of Indian origin disgracefully. By then Subhash Chandra Bose had shown Indian Army that they can achieve what he had during WWII, British game was a total success. They gave us freedom as per their convenience and on their conditions. Even so, holding on it as a member of "Common wealth".

Gandhi had warned Congress people that they wind up this party and form a new body with suitable changes but nobody had time for that. Everybody was eager to get power and rule. I would like to quote the excerpts from speech of Allan Octavian Hume, first secretary of Indian National Congress. He said in that speech,

"Every nation secures precisely as good a Government as it deserves. If you the picked men, the most highly educated of the nation, cannot, scorning personal ease and selfish objects, make a resolute struggle to secure greater freedom for yourselves and your country, a more impartial administration, a larger share in the management of your own affairs, then we, your friends, are wrong and our adversaries (here Hume refers to the other group of British officers) right, then are Lord Ripon's noble aspirations for your good fruitless and visionary, then, at present at any rate all hopes of progress are at an end and India truly neither desires nor deserves any better Government than she gets."
In this speech Hume has mentioned the possibility of all round corruption that may crop in and true to his vision we are having selfish people, irrespective of political parties, in power. As he said we deserve a corrupt government and nothing else.

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