Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dogs of Arabs – 7

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If only priests of Hinduism and Buddhism were intelligent enough to understand the situation and allow these people comeback, to it, things would have been much simpler but that was not the thing to happen again, due to the problem of inertia certain type of prestige issue from both sides. In addition to these converted Muslims or Dogs of Arabs, more Hindus were converted to Islam due to foolishness of Brahmans. Eventually, because of that, Arabs had more dogs to use against Hinduism.

In Hindustan, along with Islam one other sect had come through the mogul Muslims. That was Sufism. Sufism is the religion Turks practiced before they were converted to Islam. That is a separate religion from Islam but Sufis managed to merge themselves in the Islam so that they continue to exist within Islam and create their own niche within Islam. If we see history of that religion, Sufism, we see that it was in vogue amongst Arabs also, even during the days of Mohammad. Mohammad's class Hanif, were practicing Sufism and it is believed by some researchers that Prophet Mohammad was also in favor of this religion from Turkistan. We also note that Ali, son-in-law and cousin of Prophet was a practicing Sufi even though he had embraced Islam. It is the well-known controversy because of which, Ali was often rejected by many Companions of Mohammad as not a true believer of Islam since to practice other sects amounts to negation of Islam as per the five pillars of Islam as given by Prophet himself.
As we know Sufism does not show any particular interest in these five pillars or conditions those decide whether one is Muslim or not. Sufism made entry of Islam in Hindustan easy because it had great resemblance with Bhakti cult of Hindus as well as Buddhists. Sufism did not entertain policy of hatred towards other faiths the way Islam did; and preferred to co-exist. This suited Hindu communities from this sub-continent. Moreover, as we know the Shia cult that was formed after the notorious schism that occurred after demise of prophet due to in-fights amongst Companions of prophet and followers of Ali. As Ali their messiah was a practicing Sufi, Shia follower, also show affinity to that cult and so most Shia were very friendly with Hindus. This Sufism made continuation of Islam in Hindustan possible as it accepted Hindu concepts of many gods along with Allah of Islam. Today we see that the Islam of Hindustan is much different from that practiced by Arabs. Sufi practice of praying in Durgah or Mausoleum of their saints, that was taken as similar to worship of Hindus in temples. Offering flowers on the crypt of that saint to show respect and reverence to him was similar to offering flowers on the idol of Hindu deities in the temple. Singing of praise songs in front of the crypt of the saints was similar to the singing of devotional songs in temple in front of the idol of the god and goddesses. Hindus having reverence for anything spiritually high added to it and both Hindu as well as Sufi followers who were often mistaken as Muslims could co-exist without much hassles. Fanatic Muslims who belong mostly to Sunni cult did not have any place in this co-existence. This clearly shows that in Hindustan it was not Islam but Sufism that prevailed amongst the so-called Muslim people. Therefore, we have a question whether Hindustani people had embraced Islam or Sufism. Sufis openly show the Turk symbol of Sufism Moon and Star as that of Islam. This also often irks fanatic Arabs. Most Sunni converts in Hindustan do not know that this symbol is not original of Arab's Islam but that from Turkistan. All these things irritate Arabs and that leads them to insult Hindustani Muslims as not Muslims at all but Dogs.

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