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Dogs of Arabs – 17

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To accept Islam was a clever strategy of Sufi people and that surely does not mean that the Sufism belongs to Islam. Many records by contemporary Syrian travelers show that they were surprised when they saw a muttalib (priest) of Arabs, orphan of Abd Allah, moving with sword in one hand and imposing his newfound religion perforce on other Arabs, they wonders what may be that religion whose prophet is moving with sword to kill to spread his religion. This clearly proves that Mohammad cannot be a Sufi follower. Sufis never ever shall talk of killing to impose their religion on anybody whosoever may be. Abu-bkr was his chief companion that means he was nonetheless violent and that again means that even he cannot be a founder of any Sufiana cult. This proves beyond doubt that not all those stories that these two people are the founders of Sufi religion along with Islam are acceptable at all. Mohammad proposes to kill and developed the concept of Jihad to fulfill killing in the name of religion. He also gave assurance to his followers that by praying to Allah they are, protected from any punishment for any sin that they shall commit. All these things show that Mohammad cannot be a Sufi practitioner.

These observations finally led me to accept that Sufism is a definitely different religion from Islam. Similar people from similar regions practice both these religions. They use similar languages, all this led to develop misunderstanding about their being one. We know why under the Draconian rule of Muslim rulers Sufis preferred to say what they said; but that definitely does not mislead the true students of the subject to accept that Sufism is part of Islam.
The Amman Message, a detailed statement, issued by 200 leading Islamic scholars in 2005 in Amman, adopted by the Islamic world's political and temporal leaderships at the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit at Mecca in December 2005. Six other international Islamic scholarly assemblies including the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of Jeddah, in July 2006, specifically recognized the validity of Sufism as a part of Islam.

To say Sufism is part of Islam amounts to admit by Sufi of many incorrect dictates of Koran; that is not possible for any Sufi. However, this resolution became necessary to save face of Islam in the eyes of civilized world. Interesting part is that no Sufi was involved in this exercise. The very fact that such a resolution required to be, passed by world body shows that Sufism is in reality not a part of Islam. They had to do it to save face of Islam from the valid criticisms for its violent nature. History shows many Ulema pretending to be (fake) Sufis posing as proponents of Sufism to sway innocent people away from real Sufism. Making people feel that Sufism is part of Islam. This they had to do because Sufism had enthralled many, so much, so that they were moving away from strict Islamic discipline. Whenever Islam came in trouble due to its violent ways, Ulema used Sufism as a shield to protect it. Ulema had teeth to show of Sufism and teeth to eat of Islam.

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