Monday, November 28, 2016

Where angels fear to tread…

Our country recently suffered due to some unholy movement by PM Narendra Modi. He and his team were pestered by opposition parties because they had failed in unearthing Black Money. As a matter of reaction, we believe Mr. Modi took this stand and almost paralyzed home economy. It is considered that the motive was good but the way it is being implemented was bad. What he did is very simple. He declared the existing currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees invalid from the certain date. Giving people a very narrow time limit, to get them exchanged. What was bad is that the arrangement provided for that was not adequate. All honest people who did not have any Black Money were forced to undergo a torture like treatment at the hands of government machinery. Worst part was that he had enough currency notes of 2000 denomination but 500 and 1000 denomination notes were not printed. Not only was that but the designing of these currencies also not done in advance so that they may be made available in time for people to get in time in exchange for old currencies. When his team was asked to explain this mismanagement, they told that it was so because his team had decided to give shock treatment to Black Money holders and keep them from preparing to get rid of old currency they were holding. Whatever the reason and explanation one thing was clear that ordinary people have suffered due to this. Many people have died due to the mismanagement of Modi administration. We do not know if his government will pay compensation to the near and dear ones of those unfortunate poor citizens. What was the purpose for all this mayhem? Did it succeed? We have yet to know the results of this torturous exercise. How much money was recovered by this? Some experts told me that it was like a proverb in Marathi that says, digging a mountain to discover a rat. That means the total cost and pain that our nation has suffered was not worth of it.

Modi told that after this massive exercise we should never have any Black Money in future. All poverty will vanish. All corruption will vanish. Ache din ayenge!

He also proclaimed that his next move is to unearth gold holdings of people and bring in cashless economy. When people all over complained about the pain through what citizens had to pass he told, you please bear it for only 50 days and after that for 500 years you will have good days. He had told similar promise when he was elected but that promise he could not keep. Now should people believe in his this new promise and allow him to continue his mad experiments on our already fragile economy? Most intellectuals ask this question. Interesting part is that his government is there in position only for other three years and he is talking of 500 years! We should note that, any such long term promise such elected governments cannot give to people.
It seems that Modi had developed over confidence during this mismanaged exercise from the way is talking. I feel pity for my people who have to suffer for all these headless experiments.

This style of working of Modi reminds me of his predecessor Morarji Desai. Morarji also made similar moves when he was in office. He had also claimed of results; but did it work? Should we allow such irresponsible behavior on the part of a people's representative? Every time giving some fictitious promise and dramatic gestures, should we tolerate all these senseless things? Several questions I had and I wish to discussion them in my next few posts. We have to decide on these things otherwise any stupid ruler may come and begin to pester citizens for his frenzy.

In my next post, I wish to take Black Money problem and find out its scope and limitations of our life.

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