Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vote Bank Strategy – 10

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Nobody knows why he or she is collecting this information and who makes money in this business. Court should be educated about all these complicated subjects so that it shall take a perfect ruling and we shall be saved from the foreign powers. I say this because my findings indicate that there is big business in selling our data to multinational monster corporations. In short, I dare say this government is doing business of selling this personal data with help from persons such as Mr. Nandan Nilakeni who was with Congress and now with BJP. Mr. Nandan Nilakeni introduced this biometric technique in India at the time of Congress rule but it did not take speed then. Later on, BJP came in power and this businessman joined BJP, continued his salesmanship for this technique, and finally was successful. His involvement deserves to be considered and an enquiry into his involvement by CBI will yield such information that will prove interlink in this man, present politicians and international corporations who buy the data. My point here is that we should not allow any business of our personal information such as iris details and then fingerprints and after that, every other detail llinked with Adhar card such as driving license, bank account, property and many more those will be attached with this number. Personal information can be used by international criminals and many countries who want to do harm to our people. Even terrorist corporations financed by Arab countries are buying this data. The claim that our information is not sold out to outsiders will be untrue after this investigation. That is important because if such a thing happens, in future our Court will be party to that crime. That could be very shameful to all those who respect this august house. My intentions in this matter is that our courts are not coming in any trouble due to a wrong ruling in this matter of biometric technique.
Now Sir, I would like to share some information about the technical feasibility of this modern technique and its limitation. We shall see its history, why it is introduced, when we already have a unique identity test of facial specialties. We know from time immemorial that no two faces are alike. This principle is in use for all these years then; why this complicated identity test that needs complicated linking of many machines to get its results, is introduced. The question is, Sir, is there any need to have such a flawed method to replace more reliable and time proven method of identity by face reading is available. Interesting part of my observation is that, Sir; there seems no special facility in this new method worthy of appreciation. I wish that your honorable Judge should insist to know from promoters and admirers of this biometric identity test, what is so special in the identity marks that face does not have?

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