Friday, April 10, 2015

BJP digging its own grave

Recent act to abolish cow slaughter and even to eat it, store its meat; this is beginning of fall of BJP. Because of this act BJP is deviating from secular format of our constitution. I wonder how Pranab Mukarjy accepted to sign it? Is it that, this congress man, that he is, wants to sabotage prospects of BJP in any future election? Because of this bill BJP will not get any more votes, but surely will lose votes of other groups who want to eat bovine meat as it is the cheapest meat now available. Amongst Hindus 30 % eat beef since a meat eater must eat it since, its taste is the best and vegetarians will never understand about it. After all, they are grass eaters. Particularly, jokingly people may say, that is why these vegetarians consider cow as their mother!

As more and more Hindus become more educated and begin to read about Hinduism, who eat meat have begun to realize that cow is no more than an animal and they have begun to see the conspiracy of Brahmanic lobby in BJP to fool Hindus by telling them that cow is their mother. This has become possible, thanks to higher rate of education, in the Hindus from general class. Hindu religion does not forbid eating cow meat has become knowledge to most Hindus of all sections, and as a result more and more of them prefer to eat it as it is not against the Hindu belief. According to Sanatan Dharma cow is an animal for sacrifice and nothing more. It is cheap and very tasty. It may be against Brahman belief though. Difference between Hinduism and Brahmanism is becoming more and more clear to them. They who oppose eating of cow represent Brahmanism and not Hinduism as they cleverly try to fool simple Hindus by calling them as Hindus. VHP is actually VBP, Hindu Mahasabha is actually Brahman Mahasabha, RSS is actually BSS so on and so forth with all these outfits. There is no end to these Brahmanic mischief makers and their number is continuously growing ever since BJP came in power.

There is a saying that, one can fool all people for some time and some people for all times but cannot fool all people for all times. We have begun to see it here with these miscreants.

All miscreants gathered around BJP to clamor against beef eating belong to this Vegetarian group. They bring philosophy of non-violence and sin and what not, but average Hindu is not interested in such scrap. Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose an eminent scientist from Bengal has proved as back as 1900, that cooking vegetables is more violent than killing an animal. We should note that so called Hindu chauvinists are a minority in the Hindus (about 12%) even though they make much noise. They have created nuisance value by grabbing media and press every where. Read my essay on "Veganism a myth", on my blogs. You may write me on my email ID and ask for its copy, it is available free.
Attempting to convert meat eating Hindus to vegan food, these Brahman groups belonging to various Brahmanic radicalist; have been trying all sorts of cheap tricks to persuade gullible Hindus and tell them that they should not eat meat and fish on Monday because that is day of Shiv, should not eat meat and fish on Thursday because it belongs to Guru datta, and in this way one by one days of the week they keep to these deities and stupid Hindus believing in all this crap continued to follow their instructions. Not knowing that Lord Shiva was a hunter that means he was a meat eater! Guru datta was also a hunter as we see him holding weapon to kill in his hands. However, now things are changing, educated Hindus have realized the trick behind all this nonsensical excuses to stop Hindus from enjoying excellent food just because these Brahman radicalist can not have it. It is a community of sick people. Interesting part is many Brahman have got the taste of this meat and gradually they are preferring it to their placid tasteless vegan food. Recent survey shows that meat eaters are growing in numbers. All these things BJP should note and stop encouraging these groups. I know most BJP high command people belong to Brahman community and so they have sympathy for them but this sympathy will destroy future of BJP. In addition to BJP its other friends in NDA will also suffer due to these activities of Brahmanic groups in BJP.

BJP should understand this and keep distance from these groups otherwise they have no future. All scientific evidence, Religious teachings and proofs thereof clearly indicate that cow eating has nothing to do with pristine Hinduism. It is essentially a part of Brahmanic activity to popularize Brahmanism within Hindu societies. I should note here that this is not of recent development but this attempt to convert Hindus to Brahmanic ideology has been going on for last three thousand years, never succeeded.

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