Thursday, July 9, 2015

Maggi and fanatic approach of FD people

UP government's Food and Drug department recently declared that Maggi fast food is polluted by higher percentage of Lead. This discovery created waves of shock all over the country and then in almost every state we see a competition of declaring this Maggi most polluted fast food! In Karnatak state began to destroy quantity of Maggi by burning it down to ashes! That food which was staple food for many years all over the country (this includes me) became poison over night! As this happened, experts began to give their opinions. One expert suggested that any pollutant in products of this type is not because of any defect in the manufacturing process but it is primarily because the raw material used already contains these pollutants. Wheat used to produce Maggi is collected from Punjab, Haryana states. It is found that soil of these states contains Lead in higher percentage. As a result wheat produced in those farms naturally collects quantity of Lead and then that goes further to eaters. If this argument is correct then we should ban use of wheat from these states. That means all farm produce from these states is naturally polluted and so we should actually ban use of any farm product from these states! Just imagine if we do it what will happen of our agriculture? I am not expert in this field but whatever information I collected from sources, I came to know that in Bengal state soil contains Arsenic a poisonous element in considerable percentage and so farm produce of that state particularly rice, vegetables and root food are polluted by this element. That means farm produce of Bengal are as bad as those from Punjab and Haryana states. On studying other soils of states in our country I was shocked to find that every state has one or more metal pollutants existing and that makes farm produce from all these state not eatable! In states such as Gujarat and MP they found Nickel. So now what to do? Should we stop agriculture and should we not make our own food but import everything? This is preposterous if I can say.

Maggi and the producer of this famous fast food, Nestles are victims of something they cannot help. Out of all the samples only 40 percentage samples were found to be containing pollutant but then why all the food was destroyed? In the country where people do not have enough food, clean or polluted, we are destroying Maggi; how correct it is? Maggi was the best food till yesterday and it becomes poison overnight so much so that we cannot even look at it! What is going on in this country? First they began with stopping beef and now Maggi, which is not meat product but absolutely vegan. Experts in this field are thinking of inspecting other products of similar type such as Haldiram from Nagpur; and I will not be surprised if that is also found to contain Lead, Arsenic, Nickel and many other pollutants in them and so subsequently banned! While poor Indian are starving on other side our government is destroying good food under false and senseless objections.

About lead poisoning medical history tells that Roman Empire was lost because Roman soldiers had become weak due to high percentage of Lead in their body. Their bones had become brittle and they had lost stamina due to Lead.

One suggestion to solve this problem is to remove all soil and replace it by pure non-polluted soil from other country! Obviously, that is not some thing we can do since all countries have soil that contains some or the other pollutant metal or non metal. Finally, I ask these experts if Maggi contains Lead more than (so called) acceptable concentration why we do not have a single Lead poison case from any eaters of this fast food in all these (30) years? One more question comes up is that we consume wheat from Punjab and Haryana when we prepare chapatis, rotis, bread and other wheat produces in our food why that Lead has not poisoned anybody so far? We have been consuming such wheat for more than two thousand year?

Next excuse FD people offered to ban Maggi is excess of MSG. Actually MSG is not a pollutant. In U.S a law case was filed on it some years back and it was proved then that MSG is not a pollutant. MSG in right proportion is working as a preservative also. As of being allergic some tests were performed in U.S and it was proved that it was only imagination of those people who claimed to be having allergy of MSG.

Two groups of people who claimed that they had allergy due to eating MSG were prepared and they were given to eat preparations made by using MSG and other without MSG. One group was given food without MSG but were told that it contains MSG and they began to show allergy effects; this proved that allergy is only some imagination and there is no sense in it. Other group was given food with MSG but they were told that the food does not contain MSG and they did not show any signs of allergy even after eating food made with MSG. Again proving that allergy is some sort of imagination of these people. I some times wonder why our (so called) experts are behaving like senseless all the time.
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