Friday, October 2, 2015

Hypocrisy of Jainism

Jain religion is based on three principles. Non-corrupt life, not to amass wealth and nonviolence. In Indian languages they are mentioned as अस्तेय, अपरिग्रह, अहिंसा. However, when we see the life style and style of working it becomes obvious that they do not actually practice any of these principles. Most Jains are in business and while doing that they do profiteering, black marketing, over billing, bribing, not keeping promises given while selling goods, hoarding, making black money by not paying income tax are some of the things they indulge and by that prove that they do not practice 'non-corrupt' principle.
We know this Jain community amasses enormous amount of wealth and by that create imbalance in economy of the country. They talk of their wealth and boastfully parade it. This behavior is clear violation of second principle of 'not to amass wealth'.
Third principle is nonviolence. Nonviolence means to live in such a way that you do not 'hurt' anybody. This principle covers even the individual himself. That means not to hurt oneself too. Here hurt refers to mental, physical and moral rights. Interesting part in that is that in none of the scriptures of Jain religion there is mention of killing. However, it is presumed that killing involves hurting (physical). Adding killing in this clause is only by derived meaning and not by original meaning. Another interesting compromise we see is that Jains do not mind consuming milk. Actually when we use milk we do hurt the moral right of calves. They kill calves and tie it in front of cow while taking milk from that cow. Jains have no objection to it. On the other hand they are opposed to eating eggs. Infertile egg is available without hurting the hen who throws it away because that egg is not required by anybody since there is no life in it. Such eggs for a hen are like monthly discharge of a woman. Hen throws out an egg every day or so, (woman has it monthly) since it is not fertilized. That means, an infertile egg is more nonviolent food than milk. By eating it no hurting is involved. As for other matters of 'hurt', I admit that in most places they are well behaved and do not indulge in insulting other people. That means by my understanding out of these three basic principles only third principle 'hurting', Jains practice to some extent but not completely whereas first two they never practice at all. Today we see that Jainism is reduced to eating vegan food. It is an excellent example of hypocrisy at all levels.
There are other discrepancies in Jain thought. I am referring to Santhara practice, for which Jains have made a prestige issue and are fighting at SC. Rajasthan HC had banned this practice and it was very proper since it amounts to giving permission for death by choice. Presently that is not allowed in our country and therefore, to allow Santhara is not acceptable. Rajasthan Court compared it with Sati practice and it was true that Santhara is as bad as Sati that was forcible banned by British in the nineteenth century. In many Jain households old women are kept without food and made to die, calling it Santhara and by that try to gain some publicity and fame in that community. Actually, these are cases of murder and since these helpless old women are not in position to ask for food and even if they ask for it household members do not give it to them and make them die without food. This is one very condemnable practice this religion is encouraging. We see that who die as Santhara are all women and not men. That is one more reason why we should consider it as blasphemy in the name of religion. If a religion encourages such killing and at the same time talk of nonviolence (अहिंसा) it clearly shows that it is a case of hypocrisy. Jains cannot justify all these dirty practices and at the same time claim to be a very civilized society. Eating vegan food is not all nonviolence, they should learn about what is real nonviolence. Worst part is that they have made settings with our SC and by that brought about injunction on Rajasthan Court order; this shows the corrupt mind of these Jain.

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