Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arab arrogance

I had told my readers the plight of Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and the reason behind that. On working of this problem of Indian Muslims, I discovered more facts about this weird behavior of Arabs with only Muslims from our subcontinents. Among Hadith stories, one story explains why Arabs behave like this with all non-Arab Muslims. This is a story after Prophet Mohammad had conquered all Arab nations within Arabian Peninsula. His immediate companion Abu-Bakr, who was also his father-in-law, as Mohammad had married his daughter, Aisha asked him. Why not conquer other nations where Persians were ruling. However, Mohammad refused to do it and told him that he has not been told by the Angel Gabriel to do so. Angel Gabriel has told him only to relieve that portion which belongs to Arabs. On that, Abu-Bkr was not satisfied and told him that it will be foolish to miss this opportunity of acquiring the whole of Mediterranean. Mohammad declined that suggestion, as he was the supreme and Abu-Bkr could do nothing to convince the Prophet. This clearly shows that conversion of people other than Arabs to Islam was not allowed by Prophet Mohammad. It is Shirk to convert non-Arabs to Islam according to Arab Ulema. Islam is designed to benefit only Arabs exclusively and not anybody else converted will benefit by the prayers to Allah.

Even so, merely for the ambition of the following Rashiduns that the conversion continued after Mohammad had died due to Arsenic poisoning. On the death of Mohammad, he declared that no body should weep over his death when Umar the second in command began to cry, as he could not control over the sorrow for the death of his prophet. Abu-Bkr told Umar that Mohammad was an ordinary man and not worth crying on! This shows how much this first Rashidun actually hated Mohammad. These three hadith explain how wrong it is to convert a non-Arab to Islam, which is a religion exclusively, designed for the benefit of only Arabs. Initially there was much resistance for such conversion but as they acquired power over a larger region and affluence, thereof the resistance stopped and more conversion they began to do even though they knew that it is Shirk to convert non-Arabs to Islam.

None of the first three Rashidun had any special feelings for the Prophet any more, as they had realized that conquering non-Arab nations is materially beneficial to the Arabs. Arabs through out the period look down upon all converted non-Arabs ever since. When the non-Arabs from the land of Syria, Iraq who were the first ones to be evangelized to Islam, who were also important in the governments of Caliph began to challenge this attitude of Arabs; it became very difficult for the government of then Caliph to control them and they also realized that it will be suicidal face their resistance. As a result, Arab superiority over the region was at stake. On that the concept of Arabization was introduced by one caliph Muawiyah, to show to these converted Assyrians, Aramaens, and other minorities that by accepting Arabic as their mother tongue and also by accepting other Arab habits that they will be considered as ArabsII and will be accorded necessary respect as Arabs. Since, the Arabic was an offshoot of Syriac and Aramaen languages they did not find any difficulty is accepting that second level conversion to Arab identity. Today those who fight in the name of islma are not true Arabs but these converted Arabs from Assyrian and Aramaen tribes.

Since Indian converted to Islam are not accepting Arab identity in this way Arabs are sore with them. In Pakistan, also, they are trying to introduce arbization but so far, they have failed, as Pakistanis are not ready to forget their beautiful identity. Indian Muslims are too not accepting their condition of arbization, as they know that their Indian identity is far superior to that backward Arab identity, their dresses, awkward customs and language. One other explanation says that in India people were not converted by Arabs directly but by Sufi influence by Turks who brought Islam in India as a segment of Sufi identity. Most of the conversion was due to excommunication punishment given to Hindus by then ruling high commands of Hindu religion. If this bad practice did not exist Hindus would never have been converted to Islam at all; as per historians.

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