Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New findings on vegan diet

Vegetarian diet increases chances of cancer, heart diseases and over all malnutrition. Enduring vegan diet for many generations can lead to a genetic mutation that possibly may increase the risk of frequent heart attacks. A research on strictly vegetarian people from Jain community revealed this. Scientists found evidence that an enduring vegetative diet that continues through generations can lead to mutation in genes so that people become more susceptible for inflammation and in association finally lead to heart attacks or cancer of colon.

This revolutionary finding has shown positively that humans should not indulge in vegetative diet strictly for a long period. The researchers have found that traces of higher frequency of particular mutation to a primarily vegetarian population when that was compared with samples of mixed diet community.

By using reference data from 1000 Genomes project, researchers provided evolutionary evidence that the vegetarian diet if continued over many generations may cause this higher frequency of mutation in Jain population in India. This mutation is responsible for higher chances of cancer in the individuals from such communities. It is possibly because this mutation finally leads to development of cancer genes in the DNA. In addition, when that happens, person born with that gene probably dies of some type or the other of cancer. This mutation makes the people of such communities likely victims of heart diseases, higher blood pressure and kidney failures.
This mutation is called rs66698963 and found in the FADS2 gene, is an insertion or deletion of a sequence of DNA that regulates the expression of two genes, FADS1 and FADS2. These genes are the key into making of long chain polyunsaturated fats. In that Arachidonic acid is a key target of the pharmaceutical industry since, it is a central culprit for those at risk for heart diseases, many types of cancers but particularly that of colon and other inflammation related complains.

Even though, there is no particular suggestion to stop this mutation; however, scientists are of the opinion that if at a particular generation humans begin to consume meat of fish diet the process of mutation is disrupted and may even be stopped altogether.

By natural choice, we humans are designed to be mix diet animals like rats. This becomes evident from the type of denture we have and the digestive fluids we have to digest our food. When we take only vegan diet, certain instructions are sent to brain that some digestive fluids are not needed and the need for some other type of digestive fluids. These signals are responded to over a period though it takes a few generations to have such an effect. This also shows that human life is not limited to one life but it continues to have its effects through genetic transfer during intercourse. This phenomenon is called evolutionary effect. We have been evolving through the time and all our habits of food and other are responded to over the period. Some scientists believe that to remain strictly vegan is as bad as giving animal proteins to naturally vegetarian animals like cows. If we remember the cases of Mad Cow diseases, those killed many bovines when they were fed with animal proteins to increase their weights. Similar but of a different type effect is likely to occur over period if these communities continue to remain strictly vegan. We already have observed that, there are more cases of heart diseases and cancer, particularly of colon is found, in this Jain community. More research is required to come to conclusive decision on this vital matter.

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