Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dogs of Arabs – 5

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As Arabs could successfully achieve this second conversion, Arabs became bold enough to try this on many other people who were not part of their army but they were visitors on many counts, such as business, travel entry and exits to reach other places. Arabs introduced rules by which it became essential for all those who want to do trading activity in and around the Arab territory. By that rule those people will have to accept Islam as their religion. Otherwise, they will not get license to do that activity within Arab territory.

To their surprise, this second strategy also worked well. Islam was temporarily accepted by most such business visitors from mainly Hindustan. They were trading people from Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, Pakhtunistan region. They accepted Islam as an agreement for license to do business with Arab territory which had many prospects as most trade inquiries were coming from Europe were treated in those markets. Arabs took care to see that some people who were mostly men were circumcised to prove that they are Muslims. This act of circumcision had psychologically unnerved most of them and they began to feel that as circumcised they would not be accepted in their country and their society as Hindus or Buddhists. This one policy had striking effect on these traders. At home, also they began to treat them as Muslims. In this way, Islam was spread by tricks and games into Hindu fold. Today these people make a country called Pakistan.

Along with them, some communities from India of today had also got converted to Islam due to the same agreement. Since, they were also doing much business activity with Arab region. They were from present day Gujarat State. Those communities are Lohana and Bhatia. Today the converted people from these communities are called respectively Memon and Khoja. After conversion to Islam they happened to have intermarried with similarly trading people from Arabia who were Persians, Turk, Parthians and many more. This is how they became a mixed blood community. Their relations with their Hindu brothers were cut off. They began to serve as a separate group of people different from their original community. However, historians have kept proper records of all these things and therefore we know the true heritages of these communities.

These newly converted Musulman were also not accepted by Arabs as on par with them. Arabs had deep sense of disgust for the people who accepted Islam discarding their original religion because according to their prophet Mohammad, those who betray their god are heathens. It is Shirk ((sin) to forsake your religion and your god for as petty a thing as money was worst type of sin according to their Prophet, Mohammad. These people had done it just for the sake of money; that was considered as worst type of Shirk by Arabs and so they detested them. These communities from Pakistan and India are called by them as dogs of Arabs, much lower than term Mawali, used to mention other non-Arab Muslims. The policy of Arabization, which Arabs tried, with Mawalis did not work with these dogs of Arabs.

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