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Dogs of Arabs – 9

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After eighth century, importance of Brahmans had increased out of proportion. The Brahman had become very strong and any resistance to them and their authority was treated as blasphemy. Many Hindus particularly Kshatryas, were excommunicated because they refused to accept Brahman authority. In addition to that, many simple people were excommunicated just because they refused to obey unacceptable demands by these over powerful Brahmans. Prior to arrival of Islam and Mogul from North-west frontiers, such excommunicated people were declared as Shudra and condemned as that in fourth class of the Hindu community. However, as Islam came with the new rulers, Islam became an acceptable option to these discarded Hindus. Large number of excommunicated Hindus joined the newfound religion and they were accepted by it as Islam wanted to create people's support in its new kingdom. New rulers were not bothered about the importance of Brahmans on the contrary they wanted to destroy their importance and because of that attitude conversion of more Hindus to Islam became way of the life for most who needed breather in this over powerful Brahmanic society. Even though this happened, stupid Brahman did not learn anything from this and continued to misbehave with those who did not obey there command. Those who accepted this new religion got importance in the new kingdom and as that happened; more opportunists Hindus were ready to convert to Islam purely for the sake of power, wealth, and opportunities. Thus, gradually number of Muslims grew rapidly. Unfortunately, even though this was happening stupid Brahmans did not take any lesson from this and continued their over bearing attitude towards fellow Hindus. These newly converted Hindus to Islam were now the main opposition to anything that was presented as Hindu aspiration. This so-called Hindu aspiration was actually aspiration of Brahmans.

We notice that this conversion to Islam was not done by original Arabs but by Afghan and then Mogul people who were by descendancy Turks and original followers of Sufism. What they introduced in India was not pure Arab Islam but Turk's Sufist Islam. There is a big difference in these two versions of Islam. I shall show measure differences in the two types of Islam. Differences more obvious to eye are their symbol and colors. Arab Islam has black color which is today more obvious in the flags of ISIS placards. Sufi Islam is using green color to represent it. As for symbols, Arab Islam display name of Allah as their symbol whereas Sufi Islam shows Moon and star as their symbol. You shall never see any black placard depicting Allah in any Indian Mosque. You shall see green flags with Moon and Star on it as presentation of Islam. Arabs would never accept these Sufi symbols in any of their presentations about their religion, Islam. Below shown is an ancient Mosque from Saudi Arabia depicting Hindu motifs of Shivlinga and Nandi on both sides of Shivlinga.

In India, we notice that most Muslim kings were taking advice of Sufi saints while managing people's matters concerning religion. Sufi philosophy does not entertain animosity for any other faith but endeavor to adjust with it. This attitude of Sufi cult or better say religion had brought about a relationship of oneness within many religions those co-existed in this sub continent. As a result, we do not see any big trouble amongst the two groups in India. However, Brahman groups through many of its outfits continued to harbor animosity with other religions and continue to plague Hindu masses to follow its policy of hatred to all other religions. However, by the true nature of Hindus, they were not successful in those attempts save a few lesser intelligent Hindus who fail to their malicious propaganda against all other religions.

In my next episode, I shall explain the differences in the two religions namely Islam and Sufi. The word, Sufi means, clean or saaf as per Persian language. In Hindus, we use the word Shiva for the same purpose. More on the Sufi religion, we shall discuss later.

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