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Dogs of Arabs – 10

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Differences in the two religions
While investigating more information on Sufism I found some very interesting things. I want to share that with my readers of this blog.

Name of God - Islam – Allah, however, as many Arab tribes refused to accept this new god and insisted that names of their gods be included as synonyms for Allah, in addition to that more 99 names were added as its synonyms. All those names were from Arabic language. However, name Khudaa is not included in it for obvious reason that the word Khudaa in not Arabic but of Persian origin. Not anything other than Arab is accepted by Arab Islam obviously because; Islam is a religion for exclusively Arab people only. This is by the dictates of Prophet Mohammad Himself. Any body other than Arab practicing Islam or making such as claim is Kafar or heathen.

Name for God in Sufism is Khudaa. Khudaa word is a derivative of word Khud, meaning oneself. This is similar to Hindu word Atman, having same meaning.

Ninety-nine more names of Allah, mentioned in Koran however, Khudaa is not in that. That means Sufi have a separate identity, apart from Islamic nomenclatures for Allah.

Islam demands that worship only Allah and no other power and that is called The Shahadah - Sufism worship the inner spirit or Khudaa or as Hindus call it Atmaram (आत्माराम). Otherwise, a Sufi is liberal about whom to worship. Sufi worshippers often use other word such as Maula meaning Malik and spiritual guru for Khudaa in their prayers and qwalis. Some say, praying guru is common in Sufi worshippers and that is why their many qwalis (prayer songs) mention Maula or Malik more than Khudaa. Many prayers eulogize Khudaa and not Malik or Maula. However, as often some critics claim that Sufism is part of Islam, say that this Malik or Maula refers to Mohammad. It has nothing to do with Prophet Mohammad; in none of true Sufi songs, Mohammad is mentioned.

Islam believes, Allah is in haven, and it is all supreme. Sufism believes inner spirit is the Almighty. To search Almighty one must look into inner spirit or Khudaa. This is similar to Hindu teaching of worshipping Atman. As we see that, there are many similarities in Hindu practices and those of Sufis, this religion of Sufi and Hindu could mix well, and that allowed spread of Sufism in India more easily. Nevertheless, due to some queer misunderstanding that Sufism is part of Islam people thought that they were converted to Islam whereas, actually they were converted to Sufism.

Worshiping Allah is similar to worshiping Nature or it is worship without, whereas, worship of Khudaa is worship within.
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