Thursday, March 2, 2017

Catastrophe of bank interest rates – 3

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Amongst economic groups in the market who are concerned with interest rates, first category is "Real economic group" includes Shop owners, manufacturers, Farmers, builders, contractors and transport. This category helps economic development of that society. This group I shall call, "Real economic group" because financial activities of this group benefits economy of our society. This group is directly connected with the ratio GDP/GDS. In general discussion on economic affairs we do not consider GDS as an important factor in the issue, I feel that is wrong and that is the reason why we make wrong judgments in our economic adjustments. Nation's economics depends on this group and so this group is the most important of all borrower groups about what we shall discuss in this essay.
Second category is "Gambler group" this category includes forward traders, commission agents, money launderers, black market, gamblers, speculators and crony borrowers. This category does not help economic developments of society but helps only the concerned individuals at the expense of society. This category harms economic development of other members of that society. People of this category are very selfish in their ways. People of this category continue to present their economic theory as most authentic and have been misleading most countries in this world. This category began to influence economy of nineteenth century and after that. Notable economist, Keynes first introduced theories of economics based on some mathematical equations. More economists added on that and by that a mathematically guided economics they developed. That became very popular amongst theorists and academicians. Today we are working on those theories and these theories can be manipulated to serve the purpose of gambler group so they have accepted them and base all their arguments on that basis. More on this, we shall see in later part of this essay.
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