Thursday, March 9, 2017

Catastrophe of bank interest rates – 4

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At present, most economic policies of developed countries are deeply influenced by these theories of economics. Repeated depressions and inflations are two side effects of this economic theory. However, as most political powers benefit by this category, nobody wants to oppose it. At present, most economic and political activities are controlled by people from this category. In India however so far, "Real economic group" was getting importance until 1990. Only after 1990 American economic experts began to force Indian economy to divert to this category and ever since, we see effects of inflations and depression taking place in India also. People may remember when American economists were forcing their theories on India, some stalwarts from original school of economics were trying to oppose it but they could not stand before these aggressive gambler groups. Then PM Manmohan Singh readily yielded to American aggression. Prior to this, we in India never had any depressions or inflations. Under influence of this group, investment markets such as stock exchange was converted to speculation market. All economic activities are infused with speculative activities. If we want to stop this dangerous influence, we must learn the falsity of different theories this category want to impose on world economy. Unfortunately, their phony economic theories are taught in our universities and that is the real trouble. Their economic theory marginalizes middle class and neglects poor class. It helps only neo-rich class. Businesspersons of this category develop parasitic economy that feeds on real economy of the country and degenerate it. One of the reasons for depression and inflation in economy is this category. We should not allow people of this category to have upper hand in our economy. Due to continuous effect of this, wrong ideology rich become more rich and poor more poor; middle class is almost removed from the scene.
Therefore, we should be careful in accepting their theories and explanation on different economic activities. This group, I am calling, in this article "gambler group" since all the members of this group show, gambling attitude.
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