Monday, May 21, 2018

Vote Bank Strategy – 13

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To compare conventional photo method to identify a person and this complicated method we observe that this method can make an individual incompetent in living because he/she will be denied his identity due to faulty equipment and other involved factors. Under such eventuality, he/she as well as the intermediate agency (bank, government department, municipality etc.) that does the checking is not able to remedy it. Concerned person is totally divested for no fault of his/her. This is the most important defect in this seemingly perfect method. Whereas, in simple photo method things are very clear, right there the identity is proved without any hurdles. Let me point out to your honorable self that nature has provided one Super powerful computer called our brain, that can do the required identification of the person under study. There is no computer as perfect and as non-fallible as our brain. So far, we depended on this nature's gift for such tests. Moreover, it does not need any particular skill or equipment required to identify that person from the photo provided. However, I admit that the size of photo presently kept on Pan Cards is too small; at least Passport size is provided so that details of the features are clear. They should also use high-resolution camera to take that photo. These are not difficult things and with these small adjustments, we shall have a most infallible tool to identify the person. Government may have to; in place of Adhar Card issue new PanCards on same terms (free) to its citizens with bigger photo. That will replace the old Pan Card with small photo. That shall do the needful for identification however; we see government insists for this half-baked technique. The time has come to ask this government why it so vehemently demands to impose this biometric method and linking everywhere. Following questions arise and government has to explain the need for this high tech method. Why USA has not adopted it for its citizens? It adopts it for foreign nationals

In the list of countries, we see most are poor countries, why so. Nationals from these countries generally migrate to developed countries for jobs. Why USA insists to introduce this biometric to other countries?

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