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Dogs of Arabs – 3

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After death of Prophet, a much bigger scuffle took place amongst the companions and followers of Mohammad. Many Arabs were killed in that process. Abu-Bkr had to tell them that Mohammad was not a great man as they feel. He told them that he has been with Mohammad in caves and such secret places where he evolved this religion of Islam. He explained to them that the concept of Gabriel is a myth and the whole of Islam is created for the sake of getting power from the then Sassanid rulers of Persia. This argument and the power of money together worked to quell many disgruntled Arabs. Many refused to obey Abu-Bkr as per conventional practice in Arab tribes that when the leader is dead all agreements made with him also are terminated. As a result, many tribes of Arabs refuse to accept Abu-Bkr as new leader. It was a Herculean task to convince them that new concept of leadership is now on going to function in them and according to that the newly appointed leader by voting of the committee would be the leader and all Arab tribes shall obey his commands.

Doubts in the minds of many honest believers in Mohammad about the death of their leader had made a decent burial of his mortal remains in the Arab cemetery became difficult because there was air that said that some may exhume the body and check for the true cause of his death. Moreover, if they could prove that it was by arsenic poisoning then, things would be too bad for the circle of Abu-Bkr and Uthman. To avoid that Abu-Bkr decided that the body of Mohammad is cremated in the privacy of his daughter's house, something like this had never been done before. Most followers wanted to cremate it honorably in the Arab cemetery, Jannat al-Baqi. Some records suggest that later on the body of Mohammad was destroyed by Abu-Bkr to avoid any possibility of discovery of his death in later future. That means we really do not have the body of this great man with us even in the grand Mosque at Madina. His coffin is empty!

Things were never at ease because the Arabs now had grudge against this gang of Abu-Bkr, Umar and Uthman never ever trusted them. The other side was lead by Ali who was actually the rightful heir of Mohammad's legacy was kept at bay by this gang tactfully and now the Arabs belonging to this group became more vocal against the rich Arab's group lead by Abu-Bkr and Uthman. The sign of schism in the Muslims became evident. However, Ali's group was made up of poor devoted Arabs who could be easily sidetracked with the power of Money and offers of special positions in the newly growing empire of Arabs.

Abu-Bkr died after about two years of holding the position of caliph. It is recorded that he died of food poisoning! During his tenure, he decided to rewrite the Book, Koran. His idea was to bring out a standard copy of that document so that no further interpolations will be allowed. His copy was given to the daughter of Umar who was widow of Mohammad, Hafsa bint Umar. That is supposed to be the original copy of Koran but today we do not have it. During the rule of the third Rashidun, Uthman ibn Affan, the true work of replacing original Koran with other fraud Koran began. Uthman wanted to remove all mentions of Islam as a religion for only Arabs and put quotes those recommended that this religion be for all people in the world. Today what Koran we have is this concocted copy prepared by people of Uthman and therefore, it is called Rasm-e-Uthman as against original Koran Rasm-e-Mohammad. This change over made the excuse to spread Islam in other nations justified. Even though Arabs amongst themselves knew that it is a lie. It is believed that Koran was modified after the demise of prophet for another century during the rule of Umayyad dynasty.

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